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Video examples of the Womans Shoot
Katie Smith & Beckie Pearson
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Video examples of the Mens Shoot
Terry Ragsdale & Eric Hall
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Video from Austrailian 1985 Vegas format tournament.
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 Alan Webster (1982) American National Flight Championships.Using 100 pound
bow made by Harry Drake, shot a 14" carbon arrow 1,231 yards 11 inches.
Ann Marston
Babe Bitzenburger
NFAA National Champion 1946,1947,1948 & 1949
Fred Bear 1944
Started in archery 1929
Founder of Bear Archery (1939)
1902 -1988
Marie Bear 1944 Harry Drake (1983) held foot held flight record  1 mile 268 yards.
Gene Lueck shot a perfect 300 in 1975
(second to shoot a 300 in Vegas) 
Gene shot a Bear Tamerlane compound.
(photo by Howard Valentine)
George Ryals IV
Howard Hill (center) with Ted Ekin (left) and Dick Garver (right)
Howard Hill was born  November 13, 1900 in Shelby County, Alabama.
When it cam to showmanship, Howard Hill had no equal. At 10 yards he would shoot silver dollars, half dollars, quarters, and dimes that were tossed in the air. He was a legend in his own time, taking over 2000 game animals with a bow and arrow.
Known as "The last wild Indian in North America"
Illustrated book
 "Ishi in Two Worlds"
by Theodora Kroeber is a must for any archery enthusiast.
Fay Binney and Jack Cramer 
Photo after winning the World Championship
in Germany 1978.
Bob Jacobsen Vegas winner 
(1974) Last to win Vegas in the 
Pro Division with a recurve bow
scoring 899 of 900.
Bob used a XX75 1915 arrow.
Spike release, Norscope and 
a Carroll Bow. He now owns 
the very successful 
Jake's High Country Archery 
in Orem Utah
Katie Smith winner of Vegas 7 years in a row and countless other tournaments. Lou Shine (in Vegas 1975)
Mary Lynn Snyder (1972)
For information and subcribtion to Archery Magazine
Ted Nugent (1991)
PAA Professional Archers Association (1967) Jim Pickering (1967)
(in his famous pose, between shots)
Rube Powell 
National Champion  1951,1953,1955 &1956
Roy Hoff (1979)
William Shatner (1968)
on the set of Star Trek holding a 
Jennings Compound..
Mel Stanislawski and family (from 1978 Bear catalog)
Saxon Pope and Art Young  (1920)
Two men who are synonymous with the bowhunting revival that began near the start of this century.
Pope & Young photo gallery