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Lighting the Olympic Torch Martin Mamba/Special Easton Bow,

Gordon Graphlex XT shafts (1983)

Custom made Easton Arrow that lit the Olympic Torch in Barcelona Spain (1992)
Spanish Paralympic Archer, Antonio Rebollo
used this arrow design and a Martin Mamba recurve bow. Rebollo reportedly shot 1000 arrows to perfect the ignition of the Flame.
(autographed framed reproduction)

Young Feather trimmer, Bow & Arrow, July/August 1968

Jas.Doug Easton (1971)
Much more Easton history will be added soon.

Cartoon-takedown arrow, Bow & Arrow, December 1976

Bear Archery Metric Magnum Arrow, Archery World, September 1982

Footed wooden arrows

Cartoon, Bow & Arrow, June 1976

Cartoon, Bow & Arrow, June 1976

Bear Archery (1962)
Firebird Flu Flu, Bear Easton.
Micro-Flite and Firebird Cedar arrows

Satellite system by Sherwin, Bow & Arrow, August 1986

Ben Pearson Archery (1969)

Micrometer-Barreled Wood Arrows, Archery World, March 1964

Doug and Jim Easton (1969)

Bear Archery cedar arrows (1970)

Wing Archery (1967)

Easton ad (1979)

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