Bows 1970-1979 - Click Photos to Zoom

Jennings wood riser compounds
(photos by Tom Lemme, Lemme's Archery)

Bingham Archery

Wing Archery (1978)

Browning Compound Bows
Short Browning, Standard and Browning Woodsman
(photos by Tom Lemme, Lemme's Archery)

Archery World Magazine
(January 1974)

"The Dukes of Hazzard" (1979)
John Snyder and Tom Wopack
"Bo and Luke Duke"

Bear Archery 1978

Browning Archery (1975)
"Buchmaster" 38 1/2"
magnesium riser

Bonnie Bowman "Classic" and "Hunter"
by Pat Norris (1975)

Rigid Archery (1977)
Brace height is about 12"
The all aluminum design gave the Rigid
a total mass weight of about 5 pounds.

Rigid Archery diagram (1977)
34" axle to axle featured tempered
anodized aluminum high angle limbs

Allen Compound 1972-1974
(photo send by Erv Wagner)

Carroll's Archery (1977)
"B" series

Bear Archery 1978
"Tamerlane II"
Let off 33-36%
axle to axle 50" and 56"

Indian Archery (1977)
Comanche, Golden Comanche
and Golden Comanche Trophy
The Golden Comanche Trophy featured
adjustable idler wheels for weight adjustment and a plastic molded riser.
(these bows were made with cable for bowstring)

Arrowstar 1977

Olympus Archery (1977)

Gail Martin with prototype double limb bow made from a Kam-Act riser with test aluminum sections with roller bearings in track groove.
(never manufactured) 1974

Carroll Compounds
(photos by Tom Lemme, Lemme's Archery)

Cupid Archery (1976) Canada
There were very few of these bows produced. The company was in business for less than a year.

Pharaoh Compound, Archery World, May 1975

Buckle Bow made by Gerard J Scholten of Lon & Bruegel The Netherlands
Oval -shaped buckle spring has widened ends which fit into notches in the riser
and limb base to form a knife edge bearing. Limb synchronizing wheel and crossed cabin system is shown on the bow.

MT-3 Ocelot Martin Archery ad, Archery World, May 1976

Spartan Archery Center One Cam Bows (1978)
1-Cruiser (wood riser)
2-Challenger (aluminum riser)
3-Warrior (aluminum riser)

Jim Sweeney custom bow built 1973
Original design was four wheel version,
later converted to two wheel version.
Has a swivel grip and early original V steel arrow rest.
This type bow was built in 1970 to 1975 by Sabo, Jim Sweeney and others
in recurve, four wheel and two compounds versions.
Jim Sweeney and Tom Dorigatti made a 4" longer version for finger shooters with Plexiglass custom made grips.

Compound bows, Bow & Arrow, December 1974

Herter's (6 wheel) compound bow

Bonnie Bowman Archery (1975)

Spartan Center One Cam Bow (1977)

Martin Warthog and Howatt Super Diablo
(1976) Riser is made of Shedua and Bubinga.

Wing Archery (1976)
Wing compound bows by Ketchum, Impact II, Impact Target and Hunter

Browning Compound Bows, Bow & Arrow, December 1975

York Archery (1976)
York Coronet Compound
This bow was made of a one piece strip of fibreglass with the riser molded on the strip.

One limb prototype bow (never produced)

Original Allen compound patent


Bear Archery (1977)
"Bear Alaskan"
featured dual needle bearings
and micro click adjustment

Allen Compound ad (1974)

PSE Presidential Citation (1977)
featured custom engraved levers, sights and stabilizers

Allen compound bow (1975)

Bingham Compounds, Bow & Arrow, August 1975

Herter's "Power Magnum" Compound and Emery Loiselle's Experimental Compound (1975)

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