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Martin Pack Rat take-down compound

Martin Onza 1980's-1990's
Shown above is a special edition
gold plated model.


Firebird Hunter Bow, Archer World, November 1983


Golden Eagle
"Hunter Turbo" (1989)

Bear Archery (1984)
Super Brown Bear, Brown Bear
and Pronghorn Hunter

York Archery (1985)


Crazy bow. Built just for fun. Made almost impossible to shoot.
The sight window is a standard
right hand design but the grip is upside down. One limb and cable is white, the other is black. One limb has an eccentric wheel the other has a cam.
(Martin Archery 1985)

Bear Archery BioTech Cam, Archery World, May 1983

Bear archery Delta-V, Bow & Arrow, December 1981

Martin Archery (1988)

Proline Archery (1987)
Medallion Series with hand painted animals

Barnett Archery "Sioux" (1988)

Delta V (close up)
shows draw module and string bumper

York Archery (1983)
"CNC-1" with "Alpha cam"
early CNC riser compound

PSE Mach II (1983)
with photo of Pete Shepley

Rare prototype cam in string design
This bow was made using a
Howatt Mamba recurve
Cam is built in to bowstring. Makes
an interesting design but not one that
works. The cam hits the limb when shot.
This bow also features a cable guard with
a roller and slide.
(designer unknown)


Hoyt Archery "Contender", Button Buck" and "Stag" (1984)

Bear Archery (1983)
Bio-Tech single track cam

Jennings Unicam (1987)

York Archery CNC-1, Archery World, May 1983

Two Radical Bow Designs, Bow & Arrow, June 1989

Jim Cox "Black Ram" (1987)


PSE Archery (1986)
Jet-Flite and Jet-Flite Express

Bear Omega / Indian X series, Archery World, September 1982

Browning Archery (1982) with X-Cellerator Cams

Martin Cougar Pro Series (1982) features double wheel cable guard.

Production model version 2


Stemmler Archery (1982)
Centaur (40" axle to axle)

PSE Archery "Excalibur" (1982)

Jennings "Silverstar" (1980)
featured inlays with etched Turk, Egyptian and English artwork.

Bear Archery (1984)
Tamerlane and Super Kodiak
with BioTec single track cams

Bear "Delta V"

Martin Archery (1983)
Jaguar, Cougar Magnum, Cougar II,
Warthog B, Cougar Magnum with cams,
Bobcat with cams.

Jeffery Archery "44 Magnum" (1981)

Indian Archery Tracker, Bow & Arrow, August 1980

Darton Archery (1986)
wood riser side track cams

Hoyt Archery (1985)
"Rambo" compound

Golden Eagle Archery (1987)
Double Eagle with hand painted animals


Darton Stinger, Archery Business, December/January 1989

Darton 700 I/T, Bow & Arrow, August 1989

Martin Cougar Pro Series (red) 1980-81 with stainless arm dual wheeled cable guard with threaded holes in rod to adjust wheels and choose a 5 pound override This bow also featured single groove eccentrics.
Golden Eagle (1982) featuring similar cable guard and custom wood inlays.


Browning Archery (1989)
Vortex X and Ambush X

Jennings Compound Bow Kit (1989)

Prototype cam test bow. (1986)
Design includes round roller wheels
on each limb with the cams in brackets on the riser.
(Howatt Archery, Martin Archery)


Bear Whitetail Hunter
featured 3 weight adjustment system

Pearson Archery (1982)
Shadow and Equalizer

Darton Archery (1989)


Two Radical Bow Designs, Bow & Arrow, June 1989

Two Radical Bow Designs, Bow & Arrow, June 1989

TSS Quadraflex (1989)


Jeffery Archery (1983)

Pearson Archery
"Mach 1" (1981)
adjustable in 1/2" draw
lengths ad 5 lb weight

Two Radical Bow Designs, Bow & Arrow, June 1989

Bear Archery "Delta V" (1981)

Pearson Archery
4 wheel model
40% let off

Bear Archery "Compound Bow Kit" (1981)

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