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Terry Martin

Terry Martin
Martin Archery

Ben Pearson (1898-1971)
Ben's first interest in archery came in 1925 when he found instructions for carving a bow in a Boy Scout magazine. He began carving his own bows and eventually a number of people asked him to carve for them. He was an key in developing techniques to mass produce bows and arrows.
(from 1963 ad)


Damon Howatt

Tom Jennings

Fred Bear (1902-1988)
Bear Archery

Jim Brackenbury

Bob Lee
Wing Archery

Tim Newbold and Terry Martin

Pete Shepley
PSE Archery

Hugh Rich
Hugh Rich Archery
(photo by Terry Martin)

Jas Doug Easton (1971)
Easton Sports

Terry Martin

Ben Pearson

Damon Howatt dies article, Archery World, May 1965

Earl Hoyt with Ann Weber Hoyt
(Vegas 1972)

Jim Pickering

Bob Lee (Wing Archery) with Bill Stwerart. Bill worked for Howatt, Bear, Wing and then started his own company Stewart Archery.

Jerry Killian

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