Ideas From The Past

3 in 1 String Pouch (1972)

Bow Photos by Hugh Rich, Archery World, September 1963

Drawing of prototype rubber cam pad
by Terry Martin (drawing made 1991)

Rapid Fire speed shooting design (1971)

The Advantage, Bow & Arrow, February 1981

Built-in limb stabilizer

This device held the weight of the bow at full draw. (1981)
Another design called "Moment Transfer" was also tested by some archers.
It is our experience that whenever the bow reaches over 85% let off it is not a safe design.


Shaft Spider Kit
The kit contained Shaft Spider parts to fit
three aluminum or fiberglass arrows. The small
bobbins contained 600 yards of fine monofiliment
line. They were sold for over 20 years.

Golden Key Futura "Bow-Plus" auxiliary power limbs
This product was not the best of ideas. A bow manufacturers nightmare. If a bow has a 70 pound draw weight and you add 20 pounds, the result can be a bow in many pieces.

Misc Video
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