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Bow designs
Frederickson Geimer Mfg "Gamemaster"

Sky Archery "Trophy" (1992) Earl Hoyt

Bow designs
#8-Bhutan composite
#9-Chinese composite
#10-Chinese composite
#11-Persian 40"


Larry Whiffen with a custom built longbow from his collection (1976) The bow was built by Roy Harbold in 1930. It took over 1000 hours to complete

Howard Hill Longbow (19__)

Glenn St Charles (1941) Baleen backed Osage, horn tips (signed by Glen St Charles)

Damon Howatt Hi-speed/Hunter, Bow & Arrow, September/October 1970

Early center shot bow designs
#1-J.O.Lowell 1940
#2-C.J. Cameron 1931
#3-W.H.Wright & G.L.Thorne 1897

Bow Designs
#14-Chinese composite
#15- Chinese 32"
#16-Korean sinew wrapped
#17-Orinoco self bow
#18-Alaska sinew backed



Stotler Archery (1993)

Fred Bear "Grizzly" (19__)
(signed by Fred Bear)

Monarch Longow (1992)

Black Widow Bows (1998)

Predator Traditional Bows (1997)


Original Art Young Bow (signed by Art Young)

Bow designs
#1-Cylon self bow, #2-India
#3-India composite hand painted
#4-India steel
#5-India, #7-Turkish composite

Mahaska Custom Bows (1997)

Misc Video
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If you are interested in learning how to build your own classic longbow contact Jay St. Charles
Jay teaches a great class each month. During the class you will build your own Classic English D Style Self Yew Longbow.
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