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Groves Archery (1965)


Hunting Bows, Bow & Arrow, October 1973

Killian Recurve

Bear Archery (1960) original ad

Sabo SSR recurve bow (1969-70) shows earliest versions of "V" launch arrow rest. The Sabo rest was made in several versions. Some finger shooters drilled the side sight window plate and installed Hoyt adjustable side rest.
(Photo is from a 1970 Sabo ad)

Bear Kodiak Magnum (1962) 52"

Filippo Donadoni recurve bow

Staghorn Archery (1960)

Takedown Bows (1972)

Early Howatt bows made in approximately 1938.
Arrows are rare spiral footed design


Wing Archery (1967)
"Presentation 1"

Browning Folding Bow
(photos by Tom Lemme, Lemme's Archery)

Glas-Lite takedown recurve (1969)
Mfg by Plas/Steel Products
aluminum riser with glass limbs

Apollo "Martin" Bow (1950's)
Aluminum takedown
Made by Accles & Pollock Ltd. Oldsury, Birmingham, England
Photo and information provided by Stan Siatkowski

Bear Archery "Grizzly" (1951)

Bear (1984)
Custom Kodiak, Kodiak &
Fred Bear Take-Down Longbow

Wing Archery (1962)
"Accra-lizer" with Accra-rest

Jim Easton on the cover of Archery Magazine (1977)
Sherri Schrull shown shooting a Shakespeare Golden Eagle Bow
For information and subcribtion to Archery Magazine

Bear Archery (1973)
Victor Super Kokiak
Victor Super Magnum "48"


Sky Archery (take-down) (1993)
Earl Hoyt


Ben Pearson Take Down Bows
Marauder TD (1973)
Competitor TD (1970)

Sabo Archery "SSR" (1969) original ad
Featured shoot thru design with one of the first "V" launch rests made of copper, steel and plastic.

Hoyt Archery (1962)


Wing Slim Line, Bow & Arrow, August 1971

Wing Archery (1967)
"Presentation 2"

Howatt Archery (1960) original ad

Fred Bear, Katie Smith and Terry Martin
at the Anderson Bowhunter Clinic

Ben Pearson Archery (1959)

Limb repair instructions (Yamaha 1987)

Ben Pearson Archery (1973)
"Centurion" 64" (shown with Martin Posi-Flip arrow rest)

Slotted Recurve Bow, Archery World, February 1983


Wing Archery (1972)
1-Presentation II
2-White Wing
3-Swift Wing

Indian Archery (1968)
Stalker and Cheyenne

Stotler Archery

Bear Polar (1962) 66"

Shakespeare Archery (1972)


Fasco Archery
San Diego. California (1960)

York Archery (1964)

Hit "Black Ace" recurve 72"

Sweeney prototype recurve 1972

Takedown Bows (1972)

Browning Folding Bow
(photos by Tom Lemme, Lemme's Archery)

Bear Kodiak (1962) 60"

Robin Hood Archery (1976)

Yamaha Archery (1987)
EX Two-Toned Handle and Ceramics Carbon limbs

Wing Archery "Slim Line" (1971)

Bear (1984)
Saunders Cutaway Clearance Sight Windows 1960's

Checkmate Take-down Recurve

Indian bow, Bow & Arrow, March/April 1969

Yamaha Archery (1987)

The take down hunting bows, Archery World, July 1972

Norm Richards Archery
Los Angeles, California
"Fascination" & "Fantasitique"

Saunders Cutaway Clearance Sight Windows 1960's

Sanders "Sportsman"

OK Sportbogen (1980)
made in Germany

Bear Archery "76er" (1976)
One of the largest selling bows.
Sold in many stores for $24.95
Magnesium riser with solid fiberglass limbs

Stemmler Archery (1072)
Turk, Tartar, Arabian and Hawk bows

Wing Archery (1969) 1-Presentation II, 2-Presentation I, 3-White Wing, 4-Swift Wing, 5-Silver Wing, 6-Thunderbird, 7-Chaparral, 8-Red Wing Hunter, 9-Gull, 10-Falcon, 11- Nighthawk

Convert Recurves, Archery World, November 1976

Earl Hoyt and Ann Weber Hoyt in Vegas 1978

Custom Mini-Recurve
(made at Howatt Arhery) (1980's)

Howatt Eldorado recurve bow
(early 1970's)
Each bow had a custom made pearl resin grip and flip rest

Dickie Roberts TD2
Recurve Takedown Bow (1976)


Bear Kodiak Special (1962)
63", 66" & 69"

Bill Stewart Archery (1993)

Black Widow (silver anniversary)
Model M-A Takedown (1983)
Made with solid brass limb and handle
inserts and bushings, clear glass.

Structure of an early composite bow

Ben Pearson Archery (1969)
BP-H52, Pinto and Javelina

Bear Archery (1982)
Bear "Special Limited Numbered Edition" Take Down
Autographed by Fred Bear (1980)
Includes 22 karat gold plated limb mounts, clear glass and custom display box.The limbs are Yew wood with clear glass. The Yew for these bows was cut and seasoned by Earl Ulrich, at age 91. Earl selected Yew for bows all his life in the high mountains of Oregon The riser is made of Brazilian Rosewood with decorative fiberglas tips.

Bear Grizzly (1962) 60"

Bear Archery (1982)
"Formula Gold"

Bear Cub (1962) 60"

Bear Archery (1973)
Bear 76er Deluxe
Bear 76er Custom

Adirondack Dou-Flex Bow, Bow & Arrow, August, 1971

The take down hunting bows, Archery World, July 1972

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